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Social change is hard, but your individual growth doesn't have to be. Let's advance racial justice together.

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Racial justice starts with each of us.

The topics are heavy and can be overwhelming to navigate. Whether you experience injustices daily, actively advocate, or are just starting to learn more, we're here to make racial justice more accessible and meet you wherever you are.

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Justice library of resources covering a wide-range of topics related to racial justice in the United States
Curated sets of resources tailored to your interests and familiarity with the topics
Reflections, exercises, and tools for continuous learning, action, and growth

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Jumpstart your Justli journey with a custom set of resources. Let us know your current interests and preferences, and we’ll send racial justice resources based on what you’re looking for. You can also opt-in for early access to our 30 day text program to help apply what you learn along the way

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Browse our full set of public resources that we continually update here to help you learn, act, and join the movement for racial justice. Filter on types of resources, formats, topics, and more

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Justli meets you where you are today to provide the most relevant resources

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You already have enough on your plate. Justli makes racial justice easy and manageable

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Living Justli is not just about knowing the facts, but also recognizing the emotions involved

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We get better as a society when we collectively are comfortable feeling uncomfortable

About Justli

Justli was launched in June 2020 following the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor (and countless others). With nationwide outrage and changing social sentiments, racial justice became a top priority - for policymakers and Fortune 500 companies to grassroot organizations and families. With new resources and lists circulating, we - like many others - were overwhelmed. We also recognized that everyone has unique perspectives, experiences, and familiarity with racial justice. We sought to create a new platform that removes the burden of active understanding and action, and empowers individuals everywhere with the tools they need.


Why did Justli start and who's running it?+

Justli was started by Ibrahim Ayub and Sam Viotty, 2 BIPOC professionals passionate about using design for social good. The initiative began following the murder of George Floyd to empower individuals to not just react, but actively create and sustain racially just lifestyles. Our team members and volunteers are located across the United States and we're looking to grow the team and overall movement

Is Justli affiliated with Black Lives Matter or any other organizations? +

Justli is an independent organization without any affiliation or partnership with Black Lives Matter or other organizations. We do have an affiliate program with where we earn a commission if books are purchased through our site.

What types of resources are in the Justli library?+

We crowdsource resources that cover various topics under the broad umbrella of racial justice. The library is intended to be accessible to everyone and offer new perspectives. We've categorized our resources based on your goal - whether you're looking to learn, act, or join organizations

How does Justli make money?+

Justli currently offers all services completely free of charge. We will be releasing an ongoing "racial justice lifestyle" text service and are looking to form partnerships with organizations interested in integrating tech and design to their diversity & inclusion initiatives. Reach out to us at if you're interested!